FINISSAGE: Identify your limitations, acknowledge the periphery

Friday 1 September 2017 | 17:00 - 20:00

VITRINE, Basel is hosting a Finissage on September 1st – from 5 till 8pm – to mark the closing weekend of the show ‘Identify your limitations, Acknowledge the periphery’. We hope you will join us for drinks and conversation, and the final opportunity of viewing the exhibition.

Boundaries, encasement, and entrapment – how does the vitrine mediate the subject or the object? Available for viewing, yet significantly distanced from its spectator the vitrine is often questioned within museums and institutions. By acknowledging the vitrine’s confinements how might one adopt these elements to both activate an artwork and abolish boundaries?

ROUND TWO of the group exhibition ‘Identify your limitations, acknowledge your periphery’ with site-specific works by 29 selected international artists that look at the notions of limitations, instruction-based practice, and the role of the vitrine within exhibition making that will naturally manifest forms of the wunderkammer.