Tarot Card Reading, SLAM Last Fridays

Friday 31 May 2013 | 6.30 - 8.30
VITRINE Bermondsey Street

VITRINE welcomes you to the gallery on Friday 31st May, as part of SLAM Last Fridays, for a chance to see the current exhibition John Walter ‘The Rococo Riots’ and to have your tarot cards read by the artist.

John Walter’s ‘Tarot Cards’ are a full set of seventy eight cards that abbreviate Walter’s lexicon within the structure of suits and Higher Arcana of the traditional Tarot. The cards are hand drawn into the computer using a wacom tablet and digitally printed in two sizes – large and extra large.

The set has been exhibited several times and formed the centrepiece of Walter’s installation ‘Tarot Garden’ made during his residency at MEANTIME Project space in 2011.

The Tarot cards follow a thread in Walter’s practice of producing large-scale artist’s books, of which he made four in the same year, which function like dictionaries. The works are an intricate and playful combination of the painted and performative aspects of Walter’s practice. Whether viewed as exhibition objects or used by the artist and viewer for readings they represent the very unique fusion of these disciplines within his work.