Artist Talk and Performance: Ana Genovés

Friday 25 November 2011 | 8.15pm
Cinema, Bermondsey Square, SE1 3UN, London, UK

In her sculptural works, Ana Genovés has adopted the geometric conventions of form evident in some utilitarian constructions. She is interested in structures that adopt rational visual systems (geometry, symmetry) to contain the uncontainable and to comprehend the otherwise incomprehensible; how this aesthetic of functionality is imposed on something beyond reason; and how despite its brutal order of physicality, an object might yet appear to emanate a trace of consciousness. The sense of the absurd and the paradoxical that sometimes arises through this uneasy symbiosis is something that lies at the heart of her work.

To accompany her solo exhibition at Vitrine Gallery, Genovés presents slides and short extracts of text that present the workings of her practice, her inspirations and motivations behind the installation BLOCK. The artist will also present a new performance involving a sculpture, drums and her voice.