PRESS Forced Entertainment reviewed in The Guardian

15 May 2020  |  Press

“…this is more than a neat parody. In a state of wired exhaustion, the participants map out the slow chaos of our new normal. As with most of Forced Entertainment’s work, there is no narrative, but the gradual repetitions and breakdowns create a layered understanding of isolation.” 

Forced Entertainment’s latest online performance ‘End Meeting for All’, which had its last episode on Tuesday, has been reviewed in the The Guardian. Read the full article here

PRESS VITRINE’s presentation at Material Vol. 7 mentioned in Paso Libre

2 March 2020  |  Press

VITRINE’s presentation of Charlie Godet Thomas at Material Vol. 7 in Mexico City, MX has been mentioned in Paso Libre’s review of the fair. More information here (Spanish)

PRESS ‘NON-STOP-SUPER-DE-LUX’ reviewed in Frieze

9 January 2020  |  Press

“Wondering what Godet Thomas’s traps might be, and the damage they might have caused, I pondered the difficulties of challenging habitual ways of thinking. The prevalence of social media, for example – for all the previous norms it has disrupted –  reduces the likelihood that we will revisit our set positions by feeding us the views of people like ourselves. We can read ‘Non-Stop-Super-De-Lux’ as quietly pointing to the dangers of such traps.”

Charlie Godet Thomas’ solo show ‘NON-STOP-SUPER-DE-LUX’ at VITRNE London has been reviewed in Frieze by Paul Carey-Kent. Read more here

PRESS Alys Williams profiled in Programm Zeitung

28 November 2019  |  Press

VITRINE’s Founding Director Alys Williams has been profiled in Programm Zeitung by Isabel Zürcher. This article is in German. Read more here

PRESS Tim Etchells interviewed in The Quietus

28 November 2019  |  Press

“In an immediate sense I’m fascinated with the way that in the real context of the city graffiti, or the slogan t-shirt, or the overheard sentence can have that very vivid and very problematic sort of presence. You don’t quite know what to do with that information. They’re sort of mysterious.”

Tim Etchells has been interviewed by Jennifer Hodgson in The Quietus about his new book ‘Endland’, published by And Other Stories and available now. Read more here

PRESS Jamie Fitzpatrick reviewed in This Is Tomorrow

26 November 2019  |  Press

“We might at first think that Fitzpatrick’s work stems from these interactions with British iconography as a youth, seeing the male figure held in regard within the narrative of Empire, and how power was, and still is, visualised and portrayed. Instead, it was the similarity in everything except wealth and lifestyle that made his younger self more conscious of the divide.”

Jamie Fitzpatrick’s solo show ‘He He He He’ at Contemporary Forward in Touchstones Rochdale, UK, has been reviewed in this is tomorrow. Read more here

PRESS Nadim Abbas in ArtNet News

26 November 2019  |  Press

“What is the most impractical work of art you own? What makes it so challenging?

Nadim Abbas’ Human Rhinovirus 14. It consists of several industrial fans that blow beach balls into the air to interact with a video projection of enlarged virus imagery. We showed it in London briefly before we opened a restaurant, but now it’s in storage.”

Nadim Abbas has been mentioned by collector Alan Lo who was interviewed about his collection by Artnet News. Read more here

PRESS Tim Etchells new book reviewed in NewStatesman

21 November 2019  |  Press

“What’s the opposite of nostalgia? I ask that question because Tim Etchell’s stories take me back to a time and place I thought I’d forgotten – but I really wouldn’t want to go back there.”

Tim Etchells new book ‘Endland’ has been reviewed by Jarvis Cocker in NewStatesman. Read more here

Jarvis Cocker wrote the introduction to ‘Endland’ which is now available to purchase and is published through ‘And Other Stories’.

PRESS Tim Etchells new book reviewed in The Guardian

19 November 2019  |  Press

“Funny and fantastical, this collection of urban fables turns a broken mirror on broken Britain”

Tim Etchells new book ‘Endland’ has been reviewed by Holly Williams in The Guardian. Read more here

‘Endland’ is available to buy now and is published through ‘And Other Stories’.

PRESS Ludovica Gioscia talks with Alys Williams, in WhiteHot Magazine

15 November 2019  |  Press

“This is possibly the most heartfelt show I’ve ever produced. It is a celebration of life, friendship and nature.”

Ludovica Gioscia has been interviewed by Alys Williams (Exhibition Curator and VITRINE Director) about her solo show ‘The Tenderness of Insects’ at VITRINE Basel. The interview has been published by WhiteHot Magazine. Read more here