Trevor Kiernander

Trevor Kiernander, Lost Dog (After Goya), 2013

Trevor Kiernander, Passage I, 2012

Trevor Kiernander, Intercepting A Means To An End, 2012

Trevor Kiernander, A Static Crescendo, 2013

Taking visual cues from both actual and virtual environments, Trevor Kiernander’s paintings explore relationships of space and the problematisation of the figure/ground relationship in painting.  The work begins with an interest in questioning the formal aspects of painting, a concern with “painting as painting” focusing on material and process, where discarded masking and under-drawings are crucial to the final composition.  Overall, his work is marked by a sense of detachment and displacement.

Trevor Kiernander (b. Mississauga, Canada) lives and works in London, UK and Montreal, Canada. He graduated from Concordia University in Montreal in 2006 followed by a MFA from Goldsmiths, University of London in 2009. Solo exhibitions include: Here. Not Here, Art Mur, Montreal, Canada (2012); Project:Space, The Woodmill, London, UK (2010); To Build A Home, Art Mur, Montreal, Canada (2010); Trade Skins, Bearspace, London, UK (2010); Relative Detachments, Art Mur, Montreal, Canada (2007) and Form, Fond, Couleur, La Fabriq, Montreal, Canada (2005). His work is included in private collections internationally.