Raja’a Khalid

Raja’a Khalid, Palm Leaf, 2014. Preserved palm leaf.

Raja’a Khalid, Oud Aura, 2015. Industrial scent diffuser, synthetic Oud essential oil, ‘Oud Odorants: Patent Application WO 2013/029958 A1 /Abstract and Prior Art’.

Raja’a Khalid, Oud Counter, 2014. Acrylic pedestal, ‘Black Agar’ synthetic Oud note 80ml (Givaudan), ‘Oud Blend’ synthetic Oud note 80ml (Firmenich).

Raja’a Khalid (b. 1984, Dubai, UAE) received her MFA in Fine Art from Cornell University (2013), where she was also the recipient of the Cornell Council for the Arts Grant in 2013. Khalid was exhibited by VITRINE, Basel in the three-person show ‘Sylvain Baumann, Justin Eagle, Raja’a Khalid’ in October 2016.

Khalid is a Dubai-based artist and writer. Her practice centers on exploring ‘eco-cultural networks’, best described as the transnational economic, industrial and ecological circuits that allow particular cultural phenomena to take place. She is interested in contemporary narratives of class, luxury and heritage construction, especially those that connect her native Arabian Gulf region with the world at large.