Luke Burton

Luke Burton, Procession of Lovely Fools, 2012, walnut, brass, steel, digital prints

Luke Burton. Reticulation, Vermiculation and Imprecise Noodling, 2012, Aluminium, c-type prints, Michael Ginsberg drawing from 1969, instant noodles, gloss paint

Luke Burton’s work engages complex stages of aesthetic reception and the momentary nature of aesthetic pleasure. In recent sculptures and installations, he explores the multifarious vocabulary of architectural ornamentation and highlights the formal and conceptual affinities that it shares with other art historical moments and contemporary cultural objects.

In his work, he describes the “subtle humour infiltrating a restrained and sincere language of the decorative. Through a pictorializing of three-dimensional objects, I seek to unveil and then further muddy the codified signification of ornament – a kind of obfuscated grammar – and its always already convoluted relationship to class, taste, and the politics of aesthetics.”

Luke Burton (b. UK) is an artist based in London and is graduating from Royal College of Art this summer. His work has been exhibited at Turner Contemporary, Margate; Departure Foundation, London; Platform 1 Gallery, London; ECA, Edinburgh; Gallery Primo Alonso, London;, London; Prague Biennial; Truck Art, Milan; and Film Arts Foundation, San Francisco. He won Battersea Park Sculpture Prize, 2012 and Roger and Sarah Bancroft Trust Fund Award, 2011. His work has been featured in publications internationally including: Palm Springs, Vol.1 2012; Connecting Movements – Essay and interview with Larry Gottheim, Vertigo Magazine, 2012; and Flash Art Show Milan Art Fair (catalogue) 2005.