Katherine Gardner

Crystal Society, 2013

Rational Creature, 2013

Platform II, 2012

Tux, 2012

Platform I, 2011

Chanel. Chanel, 2011

House of Jeans, 2011

Chanel. Chanel II, 2011

Katherine Gardner (b. 1980, York, UK) lives and works in London. In her current practice she uses commercial imagery and objects sourced from fashion magazines, and advertising, which she re-presents in new formats. The work overtly depicts a constructed atmosphere, or resonates classical compositions, as ideas are juxtaposed to form prints on to paper and fabrics, as well as using readymade objects, oscillating between the aesthetic, domestic and dramatic.

From September to December 2013, Katherine Gardner curated a series of solo exhibitions at VITRINE Bermondsey Square.


Katherine Gardner studied Sculpture at Camberwell College of Arts. In 2005 she attended Tihany International Postgraduate Programme in conjunction with The Hungarian Academy of Arts and Goldsmiths College. Selected exhibitions: Click+Spill, Salt & Powell at Artemis Project Space, York (2013); Relica, The Hospital Club, London (2011); Fabricatectasy, Studio 54 Hoxton Square, London (2011); Hybird, Vitrine Gallery, London (2010); The Coelacanth Journal Launch (Issue3: The Moderns) at Donlon Books, London (2009); Black and Tan, Bardens Boudoir, London (2006); Display, Studio A, London (2006) (curated); Nihilism Part 2, Trinity Buoy Wharf, London (2004); Video, Gallery Jangva, Helsinki (2003); The Dirty Idyll, Space Studios, London (2003), Fade to Grey, New Inn Yard, London (2002) (curated); The Glasshouse, Camberwell Car Show Rooms, London (co-curated) (2001).