Hanae Wilke

02. Hanae Wilke, Deep Hug, 2016. Installation view. Courtesy of Ornis A. Gallery.

Hanae Wilke, Interface III, 2018.

Hanae Wilke, Vellum/Vessels I, 2016.

Hanae Wilke, Caterwaul (Encroach), 2016.

Hanae Wilke, Over/Under, 2015.

Informed by her surroundings and starting with an observation, Wilke constructs sculptures and installations from industrial materials such as metal, pipes, brackets, fibreglass and resin. These works borrow qualities from existing and familiar objects, structures, forms, and systems that are often overlooked. Through material investigations, Wilke explores weight, tactility, texture, gesture and colour and the ways in which they act with and within space.


Dutch artist Hanae Wilke (b. 1985 Tokyo) lives and works in London and The Hague. She graduated with an MA from the Royal College of Art, London in 2015 having gained a BA in Fine Art in 2009 and a BA in European Studies in 2013 both at The Hague, NL. Exhibitions include: Deep Hug, Ornis A. Amsterdam (2016); Conduit Slur, Kinman, London (2016); Patina Pause, Camden Art Centre, London (2015); /ege of Art, Udstillingsstedet Q, Copenhagen (2015); and Stranger, Stranger (I swallowed part of you), EXO, The Hague (2014).