Edit Oderbolz

Edit Oderbolz, Am Haus lesen, 2009. Reinforced steel, textile, paint. Dimensions variable.

Edit Oderboltz, Melodie interdite, 2011. Goldchain.

Edit Oderbolz, Now Rain, Now Sun, 2016. Watermelon, newspaper, reinforced steel, paint. Dimensions variable.

Edit Oderbolz, Ohne Titel, 2012. Aluminium, textile. Dimensions variable.

Edit Oderbolz, Ohne Titel, 2013. Reinforced steel, textile, paint, fabric. Dimensions variable.

In her sculptures, spatial drawings and objects, Oderbolz reflects on how architectures and their inhabited structures are always part of a larger political and economic context. While utopias and powerful rhetoric can express and reveal themselves through architecture, it is only in everyday life and the lived experience that boundaries and spaces between the self and the other, between the individual and the community, can be defined and thus become tangible.

Exploring relationships between: privacy and the public; cover and protection; shelter and safety; internal and external; Oderbolz creates sculptures as minimal gestures, stripped down to the bare relevant elements.


Edit Oderbolz (b.1966, Switzerland) is known in the contemporary art context above all with the awarding of the Manor Art Prize, Basel (2004), solo exhibitions at Kunsthaus Basalland (2016) and Kunsthaus Langenthal (2008), the project for the public wall of Kunsthalle Basel (2010) and her presentation at Statements, Art Basel (2010).