Candice Jacobs

Pleasure Voyage, 2016

Candice Jacobs, Astrological Profile II, 2016, 5 custom yoga mats, 5 wireless headphones, neck cushion, audio 6min loop. Photo by Jonathan Bassett.

Candice Jacobs, Unproductive Freedom, 2016, Installation View. Photo by Jonathan Bassett.

Candice Jacobs, Fortune Favours, 2014, Gold 3d printed bronze cigarette butts. Photo by Jonathan Bassett.

Candice Jacobs (b. 1982) is based in Nottingham, United Kingdom. VITRINE will exhibit a solo presentation of her work, ‘Unproductive Freedom’ opening April 2016.

Candice Jacobs’ uses exhibition making alongside the production of moving images, objects, products, graphics, electronic music and on and offline environments to support and develop individual and collective ideas and explore how the sense of self is shaped by the cognitive immaterialisation of production.