Benny Dröscher

Benny Dröscher (b. Denmark) lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. He trained primarily as a Sculptor then over the past several years has developed a large body of work as a painter. His works are exhibited international and are included in a number of private collections. They depict a fantasy-realm; a pastoral landscape disassembled and set free to float in the ether. They are an amalgam of the abstract and the mundane, put together in a manner that alters both.

Benny Droscher, Still Undreamed-of 4, 2012

Benny Droscher, Still Undreamed-of 5, 2012

Benny Droscher, Still Undreamed-of 7, 2012

Benny Droscher, I am so tired of being an atheist, 2006

Benny Droscher, My Grandma never doubted anything I told her, 2008

Benny Droscher, My Grandma relied on an endless source, 2007

Benny Droscher, Recalculating (5), 2011

Benny Droscher, Recalculating (1), 2011