Ana Genovés

Ana Genoves, Corners, 2010

Ana Genoves, Rhombus, 2010

Ana Genoves, Grouder, 2011

Ana Genoves, Briquette, 2010

Ana Genoves, Untitled drawing, 2009

Ana Genoves, Pambra, 2011

Ana Genoves, Vanelle, 2011

Ana Genovés (b. 1969, Madrid, Spain) lives and works in London. In her sculptural works, Ana Genovés has adopted the geometric conventions of form evident in some utilitarian constructions. She is interested in structures that adopt rational visual systems (geometry, symmetry) to contain the uncontainable and to comprehend the otherwise incomprehensible; how this aesthetic of functionality is imposed on something beyond reason; and how despite its brutal order of physicality, an object might yet appear to emanate a trace of consciousness. The sense of the absurd and the paradoxical that sometimes arises through this uneasy symbiosis is something that lies at the heart of her work.

Genovés studied at Chelsea College of Art, before completing her postgraduate studies at Slade School of Fine Art in 1995. Solo exhibitions include: The Russian Club, London (2009); The Drawing Room/Tannery Arts, London (2008); File Under Occupation, London (2006); The Approach Gallery, London (1999). Selected group exhibitions include: Hiroshima Art Document, Japan (2010); The Square Show Bloomberg Space, London (2003); Jerwood Sculpture Prize (2001); Dumbpop, Jerwood Gallery (1999); Beck’s New Contemporaries (1997); Ana Genoves, Rachel Lowther and Kerry Stewart, The Approach (1997). A monograph on the artist’s work was published in 2009.


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2009 The Russian Club, London
2008 Tannery Arts/The Drawing Room, London
2006 File Under Occupation, London
1999 The Approach Gallery, London


2012 ‘The London Open’, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London
2012 ‘Summer Exhibition 2012’, Royal Academy of Arts, London
2012 ‘Reason Swings Its Bone’, Pesthouse Editions, Amsterdam
2012 ‘SV12 Members’ Show’, Selected by Mike Nelson and Jenni Lomax, Studio Voltaire, London
2012 ‘The Perfect Nude’, curated by Phillip Allen and Dan Coombs. Wimbledon space, Wimbledon College of Art, London
2011 ‘The Perfect Crime’, curated by Phillip Allen and Dan Coombs, No.4a Gallery, Malvern, UK
2011 Mostyn Open 2011, Oriel Mostyn Gallery, Llandudno
2010 [the] Evidence, Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden
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2000 ‘Perfidy’. An intervention at Couvent Sainte Marie de La Tourette, France
Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge
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2010 Shortlisted for Paul Hamlyn Award
2001 Nominated for Beck’s Futures
2001 Shortlisted for Jerwood Sculpture Prize
1999 Shortlisted for Paul Hamlyn Award


Group Exhibitions
1997 ‘Material Culture: The Object in British Art of the 80s and 90s’ Hayward Gallery, London
1995-96 ‘The British Art Show 4’. Manchester, Edinburgh, Cardiff
1995 ‘Young British Artists V’. Saatchi Gallery, London
1995 ‘In and Out of Touch’. Haus Ungarn, Berlin
1995 City Racing, London

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