Alfie Strong

Alfie Strong, Heart Shaped like a Baseball Bat, 2015. Installation View. Photographer: Dewi Lloyd. Courtesy of: PERICLO/Oriel Wrecsam.

Alfie Strong, Drinking Detergent, 2014.Acrylic paint pen on gallery wall. Dimensions Variable.

Alfie Strong, Give me some Breath ‘cause I feel like I’m Dead, man, 2015. Cotton Tapestry. 320 x 200 cm. Photographer: Dewi Lloyd. Courtesy of: PERICLO/Oriel Wrecsam.

Alfie Strong (b. 1989 Shrewsbury) lives and works in Leeds. He is about to start an MFA at Glasgow School of Art, after studying within School of the Damned 2015 and graduating from BA at Leeds College of Art in 2010. Strong explores poetry and visceral narratives within art. His work is a dark-witted commentary and critique on contemporary life combined with the absurdity of science fiction and psychosis manifesting as sculpture.

He has had residencies with Residency Exchange, Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh (2013) and Summer Residency, South Square Gallery, Bradford (2011).

Solo and duo exhibitions include; Dormant Parasite w/ Jake Kent, CBS, Liverpool (2017); Green Fuzz w/ Uma Breakdown, Xero, Kline & Coma, London (2016); Heart Shaped like a Baseball Bat, Periclo, Oriel Wrexham, Wrexham (2015); 36890 Daze, Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun, Leeds (2015); Je m’appelle Mother Fucker, à côté du 69, Nantes, France (2014); The Executioner Executes Himself, Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh (2013).

Selected group exhibitions include; Cheap Seats, It’s Kind of Hard to Explain, London (2017); Last Chance to Paradise, Collar, Manchester (2017); Worried Mother, Workplace, Newcastle, curated by Milk Collective (2016); Exchange Rates, Sluice art Fair, Brooklyn, New York, showing with 12o (2016); General Studies, Outpost, Norwich, curated by Ryan Gander and Jonathan P. Watts (2016); Blind Date, Royal Standard, Liverpool (2016); Rabble MC, Hutt Collective, Nottingham (2015); Tokyo Drift, Millington and Marriott, Art Licks Weekender, London (2015); Manchester Contemporary, Manchester, showing with Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun (2015); The Octopus was Naked but the Crab was Dressed, Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth (2015).