Adham Faramawy

Adham Faramawy, ‘Hydra’, 2014, installation view Cell Projects, London

Adham Faramawy, Vichy Shower, video, 9 minutes 48 seconds, 2014

Adham Faramawy, Sparkling Life, Pure Water, Healthy World production still, 2014

Adham Faramawy, SXC N00DZ, video, 6 minutes 30 seconds, 2014

Adham Faramawy, 'Touch Sensitive'

Adham Faramawy (b. 1981, Dubai, UAE) received his BA in Fine Art at The Slade School of Fine Art and graduated with an MA in Fine Art from the Royal Academy of Art in 2013. His solo presentation ‘Hyperreal Flower Blossom’ was exhibited at VITRINE in 2015.

Faraway’s multidisciplinary approach relies on painting, prints, sculpture and digital video. His humorous and often hallucinatory practice examines the conditions behind the production of works.