VITRINE is focused on artistic experimentation and development; material-, process- and installation-led practice at its core.

VITRINE encompasses two parts: gallery and projects. The gallery was founded by Alys Williams in London in 2012 (grown from a project space launched in 2010) and in Basel in April 2016.

Establishing a strong reputation as a selector and nurturer of new talent, VITRINE invites and fosters the development and presentation of new work in spaces in London, UK, and Basel, Switzerland; at art fairs internationally; and through off-site projects in collaboration with partner organisations.

VITRINE nurtures a rigorous commitment to artist development and represents a growing number of international artists: Nadim Abbas, Edwin Burdis, Tim Etchells, Jamie Fitzpatrick, Clare Kenny, Wil Murray, Sam Porritt, Maya Rochat and Charlie Godet Thomas; alongside further exhibited and associated international artists.

VITRINE’s spaces promote a new model of exhibition-making, encouraging experimentation and installation. Whilst enclosed behind glass, the works extend beyond its boundaries into the surrounding public space. Exhibitions viewable 24/7; Internal viewing rooms open by appointment.

VITRINE commissions SCULPTURE AT a publicly funded public sculpture programme on Bermondsey Square (since 2014) and presents an array of further non-for-profit projects and experiences to enhance and support the programme: editions series, hosted screenings, performance events in public space, artist talks, panel discussions, and studio visits. Our continuing aim is to create a unique and diverse platform for artist and viewer.

“Our core purpose at VITRINE – the reason I started the gallery – is to encourage artistic experimentation and development. Our model of running ‘vitrine’ spaces allows this. Firstly, these sites mean that we can take more risks: we don’t need to move towards a dealership model, or limit our programme to conservative curatorial choices, in order to be sustainable. Secondly, using an innovative space encourages artists to develop ambitious, experimental works that explore the confines of the space. Finally, our new model frees up resources for art fairs, collaborative approaches and non-for-profit projects. In 2014, we launched our SCULPTURE AT programme – a programme commissioning a series of public sculptures in London’s Bermondsey Square. Sponsoring this type of work is a vital part of our mission!” – Alys Williams in conversation with Marsha Pearce (2016).